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Mobility Products and Wheelchair Van Accessories

Choosing the right mobility products

Mobility products can be different from many other products you purchase. While shopping for most things, you will need to consider cost, quality, value and warranty. While these things are all true of the mobility products as well, there are many additional considerations that need to be taken into account. Will the mobility equipment work for your vehicle? Will it work with your chair? Do you have the strength needed to use the product? Do you have the balance the product requires? There is a very long checklist of things to consider before making a purchase. One of our fully trained Mobility Consultants can help you on making the right decision. We invite you to shop and compare the products, however whether you buy from us or someone else, always consult with a fully trained mobility consultant to ensure the application is correct for you.

Chosing the right mobility dealer

We stand behind every product we sell. We will be able to provide you with service afterwards, warranty, recalls, installation and training. When you choose us, you will see the difference!