Onalaska, Wisconsin Buses for sale, bus repair and full service bus garage.

Your local bus garage is 68 miles from Onalaska, Wisconsin.

Find A&J Bus Sales & Repair only 68 miles from Onalaska, Wisconsin. Your local Wisconsin bus sales, bus rental and service center is A&J Bus Sales & Repair.

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A&J Commercial has a local facility just outside of Onalaska, WI (The Sunfish Capital of the World). We offer great buses for sale, both new & used, that will satisfy any companies fleet. We offer stock buses, as well as built to spec buses for sale. We will cater to your companies' desire in Onalaska, Wisconsin. We have multiple floor plan options available, and we will come to your business if you schedule an appointment. Call for bus sales in Onalaska at 888-775-7750.

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Onalaska, Wisconsin: Serviced By A&J Bus
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